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Saturday, November 04, 2006

New Crazyquilt Purse Update and Etsy

First, I wanted to share with you my progress on this new "Fish Under The Sea" block which I'll making into a purse:

Fish Under The Sea 2

I started by covering all of the seams with a feather stitch worked in DMC #5 Silver. I then added some of that fuzzy yarn (no I didn't have any pink) in shades of blue and purple. Then I added some pinky/purply ribbon yarn. I've also done some tatted tendrils which I'll be adding to this later today. I should have another update for you to see tomorrow.

As for Etsy, it's my understanding that they've decided to wait until next weekend to launch the new version of their website. So, while things are still up and running, I've added some more Fractal Fabric Sheets including a bunch of new ones:

Fractal Fabric Sheet 6

I've also added another counted cross stitch grab bag of booklets and kits:

Cross Stitch Booklets And Kits

My mom asked me if I would sell them for her. So if you're interested in, hop over to my shop and check out what's new!

I so much want to make some more fabric postcards but I have a cupboard that I have to paint today so I doubt I'll have time for too much fun other than stitching on my purse later. Sometimes I wish I had a magic Harry Potter wand!


norththreads said...

Wow lots of yummy needlework going on over here!

claudia said...

I received the goodies you sent to me that you sold for your mom. I just wanted to let you know that they arrived in great condition and I want to thank you very much for them. I can't wait to get started!

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