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Sunday, November 05, 2006

More Progress On Fish Under The Sea 2

Fish Under The Sea 2
Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
Well, I never did get to painting my cupboard yesterday. So that's on the agenda for this afternoon. It was a cloudy, cold and dreary-raining day yesterday so I parked myself in the middle of my sofa and worked on this.

The scan came out a little dark because of all the 3-dimensional items on here. As you can see, I added some real seashells. In fact, I want to add a couple more so DH just drilled holes in them for me. The round do-dads on the pinky/purply ribbon yarn are some kind of mutalated pailettes that mom bought for me at a yarn store in Michigan. She paid alot for them but thought they were so pretty. I've been saving them for something special. I'll bet I could do the same thing with my heatgun! I'll have to give that try.

Anyway, I'll be working more on this later today. But first I have to get that cupboard painted and I want to do some painted dryer sheets which are time consuming but I like the effect!

Stay tuned!


Susan said...

That is really very pretty, Pam. It makes my seaweed look pitiful. =) I used to have bazillions of seashells in the classroom, but I think I gave them all away when I retired. Rats! You never give away the right things. =)

Kim said...

WOW!!! That really looks like it's under the sea! It's gorgeous!


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