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Monday, November 20, 2006

Girl With A Kitten Purse Update

I didn't have alot of time to work on this over the weekend. Some of you may remember that DH and I remodeled our Living Room in the Spring. We decided to put it on hold for the Summer (actually, he decided that and I went along with it) and now we're getting back to it. I spent the weekend painting the ceiling so we can hang the new ceiling fan. I did get to work on this for about 1 1/2 hours last night:

Girl With Kitten Purse

It's actually almost complete. It needs my little cat and maybe a few old buttons. I also have some new glass butterfly beads and I think one of those might work nicely on it.

Another thing I did this weekend, this is very exciting, at least for me! I rented a display case at an unique gift shop up in the next town, Richmond Illinois. This is a beautiful shop with fine antiques and collectibles and beautiful work done by unique local artists. It's rather ironic how this happened. I went to a few antique shops here in town on Friday looking for more old lace. I only found a little bit:

Lace Appliques 2

So I decide to go up to Richmond on Sat. to see if I could find a bit more. It's only 15 minutes down the road from me. Richmond has alot of nice little specialty shops and antique shops, reminds me alot of Galena Illinois but on a much smaller scale.

Anyway, I had one of my purses with me when I went into this shop and the owner commented on it. We started talking and she was so taken with my work that she invited me to either rent a space or bring a few things in on consignment. After talking to DH about it, we decided we would rent a space and see how things go.

So, I put a bunch of my items on the "inactive" list over at Etsy and spent a few hours yesterday afternoon setting up my display at the real brick & morter store!! It was a little last minute so I didn't have time to really set it up the way I want it but it's a good start and it's a busy store so I'm hoping my things do well there. I'll probably rotate items with the holidays and seasons. It's a lighted case and that really shows off the sparkle and dimension of my crazyquilts and it's a locked case which makes me feel much more comfortable about leaving my things there.

So if any of my readers live in northeastern Illinois or southeastern Wisconsin, and want to see my work in person, you can find them at:

Auntie Libby's Cottage
10331 N. Main St.
Richmond, Illinois 60071
Booth #20

Also, if you're interested in the vintage handpainted lace appliques, they're available over at my Etsy shop!


Kim said...

I'm so glad that you found a "brick and mortar" location for your CQ items. Wishing you great success in your new venture.


Ribbonwiz said...

Good for you Pam!
I wish you well and I'm sure you will sell lots when people actually get to see them in person..

Jo in NZ said...

Good things come to those that wait (and create while they wait!)
Congratulations, I hope you do really well.

Gina E. said...

Pam that is wonderful! How lucky can you get! I'm sure you will sell more of your gorgeous creations now that people can see them 'in the flesh' - especially now it is getting close to Christmas!

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