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Monday, November 06, 2006

Fish And Fiber Sheets

Yesterday I mentioned that I was going to paint some dryer sheets:

Fiber Sheets 2

Well, I went a little crazy with them! So I've packaged some up and added a few to my shop:

Fiber Sheets 1

I enjoy painting these and I love using them in my projects but I didn't need so many at the moment! I put some music on to drown out the sound of the football game that Scott was watching and I guess I really got into it!

These Fiber Sheets are wonderful to use on crazyquilts, fabric postcards, altered art and other mixed media projects. They can be cut, torn, stretched and applied to other fabric or paper with fusable web, fabric glue or household craft glue.

When I finally ran out of sheets to paint, I worked some more on this:

Fish Under The Sea 2

Oh, this has just been such an enjoyable project! Peaceful and quiet, almost like watching the fish in my aquarium! As you can see, I added alot more do-dads and the fishies are there now! All that's left is to add a few bubbles (sequins) and some french knots to the bottom for sand and then it'll be ready to assemble. Although I honestly don't know how I'm going to sew this together with all the 3-dimensional do-dads on it! I know I'll be quite thankful for my zipper foot when I get that far. I should have the stitching complete for you to see tomorrow so stay tuned!


Susan said...

Oh, what a good idea - using the zipper foot. I hadn't gotten that far!

Elizabet said...

Are dryer sheets the same as fabric softener sheets?

Painting them is a great idea though!

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