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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Update on Mom's Block and Cross-stitch Stitchable Grab Bag

I made some more progress on my mom's Christmas gift yesterday. I did some more beading and I added some silk ribbon spider web roses to the circles on the right:

Moms Block

This is really looking nice now, very antique although extremely embellished with do-dads which was not the norm for traditional Victorian crazyquilts.

I want to finish this into a pillow with more of the dark brown velvet around the outside with possibly some vintage lace. I hope my WalMart still has some of the brown velvet or I'll be driving up to the fabric store in the next town for it!

Anyway, today I want to hand-paint a small lace butterfly for it and I'll see what else I have to fill those spaces to the right of the photo. I'll have to take it out of the hoop soon so I can embellish the corners and add my cat. I don't know why I made this a 10 inch block. I usually do 9 inch blocks so the whole piece fits in this hoop. I really don't care for having to stitch "in hand". But it's only the corners so I'll deal with it!

On another note, I went through some of my cross-stitch things. Geez, I have more cross-stitch fabric in my personal stash than I know what to do with! But I have a cool idea for some of it which I will reveal when I have things ready!

In the meantime, I've put together a nice goodie grab-bag and listed it in my shop. There's alot of stuff here to stitch on:


The description is below. If anyone can use this stuff, click here to order it.

A grab bag full of great stitchables for counted cross stitch! I had some good intentions for alot of projects that I never got around to doing.

This lot consists of:

*** 4 pieces of 28 count linen and evenweaves. About 26 inches X 18 inches.

*** 3 pieces of 14 count Aida Damask in pastel colors. They're about 9 inches X 11 inches.

*** 30 pieces of hand-dyed fabrics in various counts. They're about 6 inches X 4 inches. Only big enough for small ornaments or maybe fabric postcards. These were a sample pack that I got from a company that has since gone out of business.

*** 5 brass bookmarks & 10 brass ornaments. Again, items that I received as samples several years back for a design project that I did. I will never use these and it's a shame for them to just sit here. They're 14 count and require 3 strands of floss for cross stitch.

This lot is rather heavy so it's probably more economical to put them in a Flat Rate Priority Mail envelope and ship them that way rather than shipping 1st Class.


Allison said...

This is looking ravishing, Pam!

Frederique said...

What a great project! I will follow your work in progress.

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