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Thursday, October 19, 2006

More Crazyquilting

As you can see, I made alot of progress on this project yesterday. At first, I was a bit sorry that I covered all the seams with red but once I started adding beads and sequins I was quite pleased with the results:

Christmas Ornament 3

Just a few more do-dads and this one will be complete. I'll sew all 3 of these Crazyquilt Christmas Ornaments up next week.

My next project will be a Christmas gift for my mom. She doesn't read my blog so I don't have to worry about spoiling any surprises:

Moms Block

The little boy in the photo is my grandfather. I never met him because he passed away when my mom was quite young. Mom's been telling me all my life that I look just like him and that my mannerisms are much like his. She also told that he had the same inability to sit still that I have!

My grandfather was Irish and that too could be where my love of shamrocks and anything Irish came from!

I'll make this into a pillow when it's complete. The photo was traditional black/white so I gave it a sepia tone on my computer before printing it up on commercial inkjet fabric. I plan to use lots of the dusty colors on it and I have a necklace that mom gave me over a year ago that belonged to my grandmother. She asked that I work it into something for her but she doesn't want me to cut the chain or alter it in anyway. This will be a challenge but I do plan on working it into this piece.


Gail said...

Wow what a transformation on the Christmas blocks, both the tree and santa blocks are so pretty.
Your Mom we be delighted with her pillow, I look forward to seeing how you bring it to life.

Susan said...

The Christmas block is just fabulous. I kept seeing new things in it the longer I looked. I also loved the piece with your grandfather's picture. What a special gift that is!

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