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Friday, October 27, 2006

The Midnight Peacock Handbag

I've had so much trouble posting to my blog! Yesterday, Blogger was down for maintenance but today, I just couldn't get it to load in Mozilla no matter what! So I'm trying in Explorer! I hope this works because I really enjoy blogging!

Ok, enough whining for now! I'm sure my readers who have been with me for awhile remember this peacock design:

Blue Peacock Handbag 1

Well, I decided to finish it into a handbag so this is what it looks like now:

Blue Peacock Handbag 2

I'm not sure why, but this took me hours and hours to do the finishing on. I guess I always choose to do things that require alot of handwork. The handle is wire which I wrapped in braided metallic cord (yes, I did the braiding) and then I felt it needed beads so I hand-strung the beads and wrapped them and then I added some twisted cording just because I liked the way it looked.

The fuzzy yarn is hand-worked too. I can only do very simple crochet but couldn't figure out how to crochet with this stuff at all! So, I hand-sewed some braided gimp around the crazyquilt piece, then I attached the fuzzy yarn by weaving it in and out of the loops on the gimp. It took a long time but I love the way it looks! It's so pretty and very sparkly!

I've listed this in my shop. I know many of you liked this piece so maybe someone would like to have it.

I plan to do the finishing on the Rose Garden Peacock and the Autumn Peacock next week sometime.

For this afternoon though, I think I'll go park myself in the middle of my sofa and stitch on my mom's Christmas gift. I did work on it a bit last night but didn't get very far. Had to stop several times for laundry and dinner. Too bad we have to eat! I'd always rather be stitching!!

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