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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Fractal 31
Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
Before the doorbell starts ringing, I thought I'd say Happy Halloween to everyone and give you something for your projects.

Click on the photo to go to my Flickr site where you can download a large version of the design.

Print this on an inkjet fabric sheet and use in your crazyquilts, fabric postcards, scrapbooking projects, ATC's or print on paper and use as a greeting card.

I can't say that I love Halloween, but I do love all the happy little pumpkin faces and I love seeing the little kids in their costumes.

Have a great and spooky evening everyone! I'm off to stitch before the Trick Or Treaters start gathering their goodies!


Outi said...

Beautiful! :) (Reminds me of summer - in midst of our first snowfall for this winter.)

I think this is better than candy bars: no sugar/fat/calories, but lasting beauty. That's hard to beat. :)

Gerry said...

These are just gorgeous (I popped into Flickr). And you make/design these yourself? WOW!

Jo in NZ said...

Sorry to send here Pam, but I couldn't reply to your comment.

I have never in my life done a fabric postcard or ATC Pam!!
Not me sorry. Thinking that I don't need another format to get into right now. I have thought about postcards, but I feel the heart swaps fill that gap for me.
I saw your reference to my comment about your fractals. Thanks for the link. I can see these stitched in sparkly threads and beaded, and they would look great, even as little bags, they are so different and unique.

Susan said...

That's really pretty. I love those colors. Postcards . . . hmmmm.

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