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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cross Stitch Booklets For Sale

Been cleaning out some things again and decided that I've probably stitched everything out of these pattern books that I ever will, so I've packed them up and listed them in my Etsy shop:

Cross Stitch Booklets

Here's a huge lot of cross stitch booklets, a couple of kits, and a few leaflets. There are 27 booklets, 2 small kits, a couple of chartpacks and a few small pattern cards. Also, a hard covered book titled, "Gifts Of Good Taste" published by Leisure Arts.

Most of the booklets are by Sam Hawkins but there are a few others in here as well including a Stoney Creek. There are 2 Valerie Pfeiffer chartpacks, a Lizzie Kate leaflet, a Mill Hill Bead kit and a few cards by The Sweetheart Tree.

Lots of stuff here to keep you stitching for months on end!

I think I can ship this Media Mail for about $5.00. If you'd prefer Priority Mail, just let me know.

I'm hoping maybe one of my cross stitch readers can use these. I do accept PayPal too.


patternnuts said...

So, I am very interested! How much would you want for them?

patternnuts said...

so sorry! I looked in the Etsy shop. I'll take them! :)

Heidi said...

hmmm your site is down for maintenace I will have a looksie later on

patternnuts said...

Pamela, how do I reach you? For payment arrangements and such?

Pam Kellogg said...

I'm sorry Patternnuts, someone has already ordered them through Etsy. There may be more though. My mom has tons of crosstitch books too so when she has them together, I'll post them here with a link to my Etsy shop. I hope I didn't confuse you by posting the description here. Anything that I list in my shop, has to be ordered through my shop but it only takes 2 seconds to sign up (easier than Ebay). Anyway, when mom has her things together, I'll post a photo here.

patternnuts said...

That's okay! Thanks for letting me know.
I had emiled you, so you can disregard it.

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