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Friday, October 06, 2006

Another Finish and 5 Weird Things

Thanksgiving 1
Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
First, I completed the stitching on this Thanksgiving Ornament yesterday afternoon. I love the blue grapes! And again, my cat is a bit obscure. Can you find him? I'll probably start on the next one later today. But duty calls first so I have to run into town for some groceries before I can play!

I was tagged by both Pat Winters of Gatherings blog and LinMoon although I cannot for the life of me remember which blog she runs.

Anyway, I have to list 5 weird things about myself. Where do I start?!!! Ha, ha, ha!!!

1. I cannot sit still. I know that probably surprises alot of my readers considering how much I work and stitch but it's true. I just can't sit still. I have to get up and move around every ten minutes. The reason I get so much done is that when I am sitting still, I still can't be still. I have to be doing something.

2. I go to bed between 8 and 9 PM and I get up between 4 and 5 AM. Even on weekends, holidays and vacations, I can't sleep past 5.

3. I have anxiety about riding in the car and due to motion sickness when I was little, I can't stitch or read in the car. The anxiety probably comes from not being able to sit still for very long. So I have a DVD Player that I plug in and I listen to my movies. That helps to distract me and gives me something to do.

4. You know how many women like shoes? Well, I like them too, I just don't like them on my feet. Shoes are confining to me. I walk around barefoot in the house all the time. Even in Winter. And I don't like socks on either!

5. I hate noise! Barking dogs, lawn mowers, motorcycles, screaming kids...noise goes through me like finger nails on a chalkboard! And yet, I have to have the TV or radio on all the time. Not very loud, just barely audible for a bit of background sound. We sleep with the TV on! If the electricity goes out, I am an absolute basket case. As much as I hate noise, I can't stand dead silence either.

So those are my 5 weird things! I could have done more! LOL!!!

So now, I tag Gina at Patra's Place, and Angie at Norththreads and Linda at Chloes Place. Although Linda is quite busy right now and she may not have time for this but I'm hoping she does!


Gina E. said...

Oh you are a naughty girl, Pam! I don't usually like those tag things, but because you are a dear friend I'll go along with it...just this once, lol! By the way, I'm with you on the noise issue. As much as I love Eltham (where we live), I can't wait to move from this street one day, the sooner the better. Too many teens with too many noisy cars and noisy parties....grrrrrr. Who needs kids? Not me!

Lin Moon said...

Hi Pam,

My blog is at

Susan said...

Pam, e-mail me about the web ring? My e-mail should be on this message.

I can't believe how quickly the Thanksgiving piece is working up!

Susan Nash said...

Love the thanksgiving block!!! Can you tell me where you found the fabulous images for the centers?

Ribbonwiz said...

Love the thanksgiving block!!!
Love all your cross stitch designs...must do some more cross stitching, they make nice centres on Cq blocks too...

Anonymous said...

Sneaky! I found your kitty tho! Great knocker! What size is it? I'm with you on noise! Here I thought I was the "weird" one that can't stand the racket of our world! smiles I'm with Gina on moving too! Our house backs on to what has become a major thoroughfare with kids' stereo, semi's and lovely (NOT) kids screaming to each other all the time! Sigh....better go stitch! Great work!

Rissa said...

I like shoes, I buy shoes, I have shoes, but I hate wearing them too! LOL I always kick them off when I can. Which is why I love clogs, they are easier to slip off! I even have slip-on walking shoes, how sad is that?

Until my thyroid went Kaput, I never wore socks and did not like them. Now I sort of have to have them when it gets cool...or I would freeze! Speaking of which, I need to knit myself another pair!

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