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Thursday, March 09, 2006

15 Inch Peacock Quilt

Large Peacock Quilt
Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
I had to take this off the beautiful quilting frame that Scott made for me to tighten it up so I thought, while it was free as a bird (yes, the pun was intended) that I would scan the focal point for you.

I handpainted the peacock applique and as you can see, am in the process of beading it. I left the tail feathers unattached for the time being until I decide what I want to do with the seam beneath it.

I feel like I'm moving in slow motion on this quilt probably because I'm a bit distracted by the construction zone that I'm living in. I do try to get a few hours in every late afternoon so it does move along.

As you know, I like to repeat my fabrics and I think you can see everything I used in this scan. That small floral print throws me a bit. Not everything shows up well against it.

Time now to put it back on the quilt frame. It's a cloudy, dreary, foggy day here and I would love nothing more than to take today off and just stitch and watch movies. But I have deadlines for my x stitch design work so I'll be a good little girl and wait to work on this until later today.


Gina E. said...

Pam, it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! I love it to bits!!

pat winter said...

Pam, What a gorgeous quilt. I do hope we will get to see the whole thing soon.Thanks for the comment in my blog.

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