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Friday, March 17, 2006

15 Inch Peacock Quilt Corner

Large Peacock Quilt 2
Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
It's been really frustrating for me not to be able to scan my stitching everyday. I really enjoy blogging and sharing my work with you, my readers.

So, I decided to try to get a corner of this quilt on the scanner without having to take it off the frame. I guess I did ok, but as you can see, the scan is a little dark. The quilt is much brighter than it looks here but at least I can show you something!

I'm thinking that I don't care for the rick/rack trim on that bottom left seam. I'm going to take that off and see what else I have. Or I might untwist it and use only a single row of the rick/rack and then embellish that with embroidery and beads.

When I complete this one, I'm going to go back to doing 9 inch quilts. At least I'll do a couple of them. I really love this frame that Scott made for me but I feel like I've been stitching on this forever! And with the Living Room project feeling like that's going on forever, I think I need some instant gratification soon!

Hopefully I'll have more to share with you tomorrow.

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Gina E. said...

I sympathise with your feelings about the ongoing work in your living room. Our back yard was the bane of my life for ten years, and after all that time, now it is fixed last! And it was worth waiting for. (Photos on Patra's Other Place.) Thank you for mentioning my linen collection on your previous post, Pam. It's nice to have new visitors!

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