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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Working On Quilts

I finished the first part of the handsewing on the Christmas Block and the Red Hat Block. What I did was sew sashing around the outside of the block and then I handsewed flat lace around the edge where the CQ meets the sashing. I mitered the corners of the lace. That all has to be done by hand and it's rather time consuming.

The next step is to layer them with quilt batting and a backing. Then the binding can be added. Part of that is done by machine and part is done by hand.

Traditionally, Crazy Quilts didn't have batting inside. But to me, a quilt of any type, is not a quilt without 3 layers. The layers will then be tacked together using buttons on the back. The buttons look nice and give the tacking extra stability.

Once that's done, I can put the sleeve on for hanging and add my quilt label.

If you'd like to see a pretty Autumn quilt, visit Vicki's Turkey Feathers blog.

1 comment:

sharonb said...

Interesting about your like for batting - I like it too on crazy quilts simply because it adds a little body and with all that embellishing it feels as if a crazy quilt needs it - if that makes sense

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