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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Dog Bites - Pitbull Attack

Many of you know that my mom is legally blind and has a seeing eye dog from Leader Dog For The Blind

On March 29th, mom was in her neighborhood walking with her guide dog when a Pitbull made it's way out of his collar, ran away from his owners and attacked my mom's dog.

Mom couldn't get the Pitbull off of her dog.  The owners finally got the Pitfull off.  Mom was so shaken up, she couldn't walk home.  A neighbor who heard the commotion took mom into her home and called my dad to come and get mom.

Once mom got home, the first thing she did was call me.  She was so shaken up she could hardly talk.  I turned my computer off, got in my car and picked mom and her dog up and took them to the vet.  Thank goodness I did. 

While sitting in the vets office, I noticed that mom's hand had bruises on it.  She didn't even notice.

Mom's dog is a beautiful Golden Retriever with long hair.  When our vet shaved Cassie's neck, she found puncture wounds and bruises.  She was put immediately put on antibiotics.

It didn't occur to me but my cousin Kim suggested that mom get a tetanus shot because of the bruises on her hand, which she did.  Thank you Kim!

The police were of course called, Animal Control has been involved and our local newspaper, The Northwest Herald reported the story. 

Click the link below:

Legally blind McHenry woman, guide dog recovering after pit bull bite Published: Friday, April 8, 2016 11:40 p.m. CDT
Cassie's wounds have now healed but she's still showing signs of trauma.  She isn't guiding like she was and mom has contacted Leader Dog For The Blind to come and help.  Sometimes, after an attack like this, guide dogs don't want to work any longer.  They're afraid.
Seeing eye dogs are not trained to protect their owners.  They are trained to lead a blind person, to keep them safe from tripping and falling over things, from running into things, from walking into traffic, getting them safely up and down stairs and so on.  Not for protection.  They are taught not to bark and growl.  They are extremely obedient and very loving and loyal to their owners.  And they know their job.
Today, this article about the incident was found on the Pitbull Attacks And Dogfighting In Illinois Blog:
 Apr 08, 2016 McHenry Pit Bull Attacks Guide Dog
It seems they picked up the story too.
I think this blog is run by

Now, on a side note, I was attacked by a Pitbull last Summer in my neighborhood.  I went for a walk down by the lake and a Pitbull came running out at me, growling, hissing and barking.  He jumped on me, grabbed my shirt and wouldn't let go.  I kept yelling "no, stay, no stay!".  I grew up with dogs so I figured most dogs know the basic commands.  This one didn't.  He just kept charging at me.  Luckily I didn't get bit and despite all the screaming I was doing, no one in the neighborhood came out to help me. 

I knew better than to run so I stood there shouting "no, stay" and he finally turned around and went back to his house.  I slowly walked backwards until I got to the lake.  I sat down on a bench and called my neighbor.  I too was so shaken up, I couldn't walk home.  My neighbor came and picked me up.

When I first posted this story on my Facebook page (I shared the article from the Northwest Herald), I had a lot of people write to me in defense of Pitbulls.

Okay fine!  I know there are no bad dogs, only bad owners.  I really don't care what breed of dog it is that attacks but Pitbulls are known for this kind of behavior.  Irresponsible people should not own Pitbulls!!!  No dog should be able to pull out of it's collar.  No dog should be outside unless on a leash.  No dog should be left unattended.  

The point I'm making is that my mother is legally blind!  And her dog is her eyes!  And not only is her dog having problems working now but the Pitbull's owners are trying to get out of paying for my mother's expenses.  There is a court hearing tomorrow which my mother will be attending.
How many more innocent children, innocent dogs, handicapped people and even regular people have to be attacked by Pitbulls and other untrained dogs before this stuff stops?!!! 

If you're reading this and you own a Pitbull, don't bother bashing me for my opinion.  Do not defend them.  I happen to know a really great Pitbull named Otis.  I already know that they're not all attack dogs.  I already know that any dog can bite, any dog can attack.  The problem is with the owners not the dogs.  But unfortunately, Pitbulls have a reputation for this kind of behavior.  It has to stop!!!



Magpie's Mumblings said...

OMG!!!! Pam, that's awful! Your poor Mom and her sweet Cassie. There are some breeds of dog that are problems and having irresponsible owners just makes matters worse. It's horrible that it had to be your mom and her guide dog, but what if it had been a small child? Just the thought makes me cringe. Please, the next time you see your Mom and Cassie - give them special hugs from me.

Shawkl said...

It seems that you have a family near you with dogs that are habitually attacking if you and you Mother have had run-ins. Perhaps you need to look into contacting you local Councilman...and see what can be done. Agree, dogs are animals...and any animal is prone to bite if provoked....and some don't need much encouragement to do so it seems. As much as I love my Cocker Spaniels...we had a incident a few years ago with our dog then... Sparky. He was a darling...very docile...very tolerant. But, after enduring an 11 hour ride from our home in Indianapolis to Alabama to see the family...we were sitting on the front porch. Well, half of the family was there and it was crowded. Sparky was laying down, and my niece "scooted" over to make room for someone else. She did not even touch Sparky...but he snapped at her and actually drew a little blood. I was mortified...and totally upset about it. But, after thinking later on...realized that he was just "at the end of his rope"...tired...and just wanted to be left along. He was letting my niece know not to bother him...even though she wasn't trying too. He was not prepared to "move over" if need be.

So, we really don't know what is going on in an animal's much as they do communicate with us...we honestly don't speak "dog" or "cat" or whatever the language may be. Sometimes I think we forget this fact...thinking that our pets are humans. They are not.

We can and should love them, nurture them...but we need to remember that their instincts are different than ours...and not put them into situations where they can be troublesome. Like keeping them off of leash...especially when their breed is more prone to misbehave. I mean, I don't see write-ups in papers all the time about...poodles attaching folks. Perhaps some have, but not enough to get a bad reputation. So, these "parents" should be even more vigilant if they truly love the help protect their image. Okay...long comment...just my 2 cents worth.

Sorry this happened to you mother...and her best fury friend!

Hugs, Kathy

SharonLarkin said...

oh, how awful for your Mum and her dog! I do hope they can both get over the trauma in time and enjoy their walks once again (((hugs)))

Maureen said...

I'm so sorry Pam. Please give my best to your Mom! xo

Sandie said...

In my working life, I was a librarian who worked with people with all kinds of disabilities, including those who were blind and partially sighted. I know just how much a person relies on their guide dog as a companion as well as being their eyes when they go outside their home as well as indoors. As you clearly state there are no bad dogs, just uncaring owners, who do not see the need to obey the rules of dog ownership - being able to care for the dog as well as training it. I do not condone in any way the owners of this dog and their behaviour, but to allow a dog to escape from its' leash is not acceptable - in any society.
I hope your mum and Cassie are still able to work together - a bond like theirs should be strong enough to work through this awful event. Please give Cassie a hug from me, and maybe a cuddle for your mum too. Hopefully you will keep us up to date with their story.

traderslostart said...

Pamela, that had to be terrifying for your Mom and her Dog.
Because she is legally blind she had no recourse, and there was nothing she could do.
I know it was a great trauma for her, and walking on her own has been compromised
for future outings, which is awful.

The owners of that dog should be punished for not having control of their animal.
There is no excuse for a massive dog like a pit bull to be allowed to get lose. If they
do not have any penalties for this behavior, nothing will change.

I sincerely hope your Mom's dog can be retrained because I am sure your Mom has
probably become very attached to the dog.

I am so sorry that this type of thing has happened to both of you.
God Bless you both.

Maddie Can Fly said...

I hope your mother and her beautiful dog are doing better by now. I hope the court hearing comes out in your mothers favor. I cannot stand it when people are responsible for an innocent person's injuries and then just shrug and say not my problem.

Where I live, pitbulls are illegal in my county, but that doesn't stop people from having them and passing them off as boxers (yeah right!)

Lesa CQforNewbies

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