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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Call For Magazine Submissions

I just got off the phone with Adobe.  I will be making the switch from the Corel line of graphic software to Adobe Photoshop.  I'm still kind of old school I guess.  I'm used to going over to Best Buy, purchasing software on a CD and installing it on my computer that way.  Now everything is subscriptions done via online downloads.

I had some questions that weren't covered on Adobe's website so I just called.  Wow!  I got a person immediately who I could understand!  No waiting on hold for hours!  The lady had to transfer me and again, I got a nice person who answered right away and explained the entire process to me!  I was on and off the phone in 5 minutes!  I think Dell could learn some lessons from Adobe!!!!

Okay, this is just a quick post for right now.  If I have time later, I'll post some photos of my recent Crazy Quilt project.  Yes, I have been stitching through my Dell Disaster!

I'm going to be wrapping up the Spring issue of Crazy Quilt Quarterly magazine soon so I want to put the call out for submissions for the Summer issue.  The overall theme will be Seascapes.  The issue won't be limited to seascapes but I think that will be a nice focus since ocean themes elude many crazy quilters.

I'm looking for articles, tutorials and eye candy with fish, the ocean floor, anemones and so on.  Certainly feel free to send anything you would like to submit to my email but if you've done seascapes, I want to see it!!!!

As soon as I wrap up the Spring issue, I will be starting on the Summer issue.  I know everyone is busy with Christmas but if you can take a break and send me submissions, that would be awesome!

I'm also accepting ads for the Summer issue now as well so please contact me if you would like to promote your Etsy shop or other needlework related business.

Finally, on New Year's Day, I will post a sneak peek of the Spring issue.  Stop back then to see the cover!

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