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Monday, June 28, 2010

Crazy Quilting Crazy Me!

I think I mentioned the other day that Crazy Quilting has been screaming at me again.  It started either Thursday or Friday.  It's all I've been able to think about doing lately!  It really is my true passion.  I enjoy doing other things and I've done quite the variety of projects lately but I'm definitely moving back towards my passion.

I pulled out a block that I had pieced awhile back (I always keep a few blocks sewn up and tucked away for when I don't have the time to run my sewing machine) and I started stitching:

Green CQ Block

I hand painted my lace pieces early this morning.  This block will have a peacock on it.  I've done several peacocks like this but it's been awhile:

White Peacock Purse A

The above purse is one I did a few years back!  I have always loved this one.

Anyway, I started the beading on the blue & green block this afternoon and will have another update for you tomorrow.  I wanted to start on the peacock but I'll have to turn my big computer on to print up my pattern for the body.  I was too lazy today!  LOL!!!

Actually, I wasn't lazy at all!  I pieced 3 more CQ blocks, all for purses with ladies on them:

CQ Lady 1

CQ Lady 2

CQ Lady 3

They don't look like much at the moment, but you know, by the time I'm done piling on the stitching and embellishments, they'll look like a million bucks!

I'm assuming that my need to get back to Crazy Quilting is a sign that my depression is again receding some more.  I'm past the medication withdrawals but still feel the meds are too high.  I will get off this stuff. It might not be until next Spring or Summer, but I will get off of it!  In the meantime, I saw my Dr. again last week and she told me that when I see her again the end of July, she'll drop it again.  It'll be interesting to see if I feel better with another reduction in the dosage.  Will have to ask her if I can expect another week of withdrawals.  I don't care if I have withdrawals.  Trust me, I've been through worse!

One of my main concerns is that the Zoloft has parked 13 extra pounds on my butt and I refuse to tolerate that!  I'm having a terrible time getting it off. It just doesn't want to budge and with the way I eat, it shouldn't have gone up in the first place!  I mean, I live on fruit & salad!  Anyway, just a bit of a vent here.  I'll get on with my post!

In other news, I plan to do the finishing on my Mary's Garden Art Quilt tomorrow.  I'll write the final part for the tutorial and get that posted in a few days.

Oh, and I keep forgetting to mention that we're having a huge sale in the shop!! HUGE!!!  We're going to change directions just a twinge.  More crazy quilting, more embroidery with crayon tinting, more of Kathi's gorgeous jewelry and some embellishments!

I think I have some angels who are trying to tell me something.  Several of my long time readers have emailed me recently, asking I will ever offer hand-dyed vintage lace like I did a few years back.  It took 3 messages before it finally clicked in my ADHD brain!!!  So, I have decided (since I can't walk away from a bag of vintage lace at flea markets and antique shops) that I will indeed begin offering that again and I'll also offer some hand-dyed silk ribbon, perhaps some dyed fabric and some of the other little do-dads that I find in my junking travels!

So, we're having this huge sale in the shop to make room for Autumn & Winter things and for some supplies.  I know that many crafters and stitchers do not have access to the wonderful flea markets and shops that I do and it certainly would be fun for me to offer those treasures.  I just love playing with dyes!  It's like coloring Easter Eggs!  LOL!!!

So, please visit my Etsy shop and see if there is something that you can't live without.  I really need to make a section for Embellishments! 

I guess that's the news for today everyone!  I'm quite tired now so I'll leave you with a photo I took this afternoon in my "garden":

My garden is a mess.  It's overgrown with perennials and weeds.  I was way too sick last Summer to do anything with it and this Summer, I still don't have the energy.  Fortunately, in every mess, there is inkling of beauty!!!


Laurie said...

Such beauty Pam, your stitching is so beautiful. I only hope someday to be as expert at this as you are, what an inspiration!!!! Understand about the meds, totally. good fortune to you.

Anonymous said...

Wow your block is Beautiful. Your CQ'd purse is Stunning. You have great Crazy Quilting ability. I am so happy for you that you picked it up again. I LOVE your new blocks. I can see them being gorgeous purses! I hope you post pictures as you embellish them!!! I hope the med adjustments continue to go well. My hubby had to do the same thing with a depression med that made him sleep so much he could barely work, withdrawal stages were hard but possible and he is so much better now!

Again your Crazy Quilt work is wonderful!

Ann Flowers

Scarf It Up said...

Not sure why I haven't been following your blog before. I thought I was! I LOVE following your writings, musings, shopping, venting, AND your BEAUTIFUL creations!

Pat Winter Gatherings said...

Yeah!!!! Pam is CQing again!!!!! Welcome home :-)
Love the new squares with ladies. It is normal to take a break from CQ especially for those of us who are so addicted we do it daily. You have to step back at some point and refocus...refresh. It really helps a lot. Glad your days are sunny again.

Valerie Bothell said...

Hi Pam,

My name is Val Bothell and I also love pink! I am a fellow crazy quilter just like you! In fact, I just finished a full sized all PINK Crazy Quilt. If you google me, you can find my website and you can look at my pink blocks of the month just to see how much I love it!

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