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Thursday, March 05, 2015

It'll Be A Peacock!

For those of you who guessed a peacock for the focal point on this wall hanging, you are correct!  Unfortunately, I haven't gotten that far with it yet:

Here is a closeup of the floral spray:

And closeups of the seam embroidery:

I did not embroidery the fabric in the above photo.  I'm fortunate enough to be give outdated fabric sample books from a local decorating store.  Some of these fabrics are so incredibly beautiful!  The floral fabric in this photo is from one of the sample books.  Some of these fabrics sell for $150 - $300 per yard.  Yikes!!!  I couldn't even afford a 1/8 yard piece!

But I'm so grateful that the store owner gives me the sample books for my crazy quilting.  How else could I have some of these wonderful fabrics to use in my work!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Referring to sample books - my mother-in-law used to get them from the local mens wear store and she made great quilts with them. They were made for warmth and not for beauty. How I wish I had been lucky enough to inherit one, but they were long gone (probably thrown out by her daughters thinking they were old and useless).

El Desván de la Gata Perezosa said...

precioso, precioso.

Maureen said...

I'm loving this Pam!!!

Ruth B said...

Beautiful and inspirational work! How wonderful to get sample fabrics! I need to check into that near my home too.

Lin said...

It is interesting to follow how you make your pieces. The round piece - did you turn the edge and applique it? I have only used straight edges so far. Enjoying your blog very much and my copy of your magazine was here when we returned from our holiday. I do find it much nicer to have something to hold although the digital version is great for zooming in to details. xx

Abby / Linda said...

How wonderful to get the sample books! The work here is gorgeous!

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