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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon

I spent about 3 hours this morning hand dying 50 yards of 7MM Silk Ribbon:

I was out of pinks all together and running quite low on greens and blues so that's what I focused on for this batch.  In a couple of weeks, I'll order another 50 yards and do some more muted colors.

I use Rit dye to do my silk ribbon.  It's inexpensive, easy to find in stores and works nicely.  Here is a tutorial for dying Silk Ribbon with Rit Dye.

In other news, I finished up the stitching on my Crazy Quilt Bird Pillow:

It just screams Spring doesn't it?  I want to get this sewn together sometime this week.

And finally, this is my next project:

This will be a wall hanging.  If you look closely, you should be able to see the point at the bottom.  Just follow the basting stitches.

The rose is not ironed down yet.  It's a Broiderie Perse applique but I haven't decided on where it will go yet.  This piece will have a focal point theme so where the rose goes will depend on how the focal point comes out. 

Does anyone want to guess the theme?  Leave me your guesses in the comments!


DH said...

Thank you Pam! I had no idea that you could get such beautiful results from Rit dye, and that it is so easy! I am definitely going to try dyeing some ribbons! Your bird pillow is gorgeous! You are such an inspiration! Dawn

Ruth B said...

Is it a garden theme? The new piece's theme should be colors for my new house! Love it!

Andy Lloyd Williams said...

Could the theme be "In the pink" ? I'm thinking about all those delicious pink ribbons you have prepared ........

Angela said...

Your ribbons are gorgeous!

Maureen said...

Love the bird square and the fabrics you're using in the wallhanging!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Such pretty ribbons! Do you mind me asking where you get the ribbons in bulk?

Anonymous said...

Love the colors. I am thinking that it may be a cat.

Christine Gibbons

Luv2Create said...

Is it butterflies?

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