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Monday, December 29, 2014

End Of Year Ramblings

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas.  Ours was very nice but I confess, it felt good to have some down time today.

To everyone who sent me Happy Birthday wishes, both from here and on Facebook, thank you very much!  It was so nice that so many of my online friends remembered since I didn't mention it before Christmas.  My birthday is Christmas Eve.

In other news, the 2015 Spring issue of Crazy Quilt Quarterly magazine is just about done.  I'm waiting on 1 final photo which I can pop into place and then into a PDF file it goes.  It will be released on February 1st but I will share a sneak peek of the cover design on New Years Day so be sure to stop back!

I've pretty much gotten the hang of this new computer now and Photoshop.  Photoshop is a bit more complicated than what I was used to with Corel graphic software but certainly nothing that I couldn't figure out.  I even did a new banner for my Etsy shop for Valentines Day:

I have a few new things to add to shop which I'll do tomorrow.  I also have a new pillow project that I'm finishing up so I'll have 2 of those to sew together in the next few days.  And I need to sew some more blocks up because I have nothing on the back burner to stitch on now.

Once I get the tree and other Christmas decorations down and put away, I want get the roses stenciled in my new little pink room.  Then I can take photos and share them here.  Why do I always feel like there's more to do than what time permits?  Maybe I have way more ambition than time?  Who knows!  But I'll get it done!

So for now, I have laundry to fold.  I got so behind on that and now I'll  be playing catch up through tomorrow.  But again, I'll get it done.  Eventually!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

How could I not know your birthday was on Christmas Eve? I missed it - and I'm so sorry! Very belated happy wishes!!

Gerry Krueger said...

I'm gradually learning to make shorter lists...Used to feel like I could scale small hills are a problem... Belated Happy Birthday.. Hugs Ger

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