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Thursday, May 01, 2014

New Baby Door Hangers by Mom

I've been preparing things for when I take over Crazy Quilt Gatherings magazine.  I think I mentioned already that I will be buying a new computer later this Summer.  In the meantime, I just had my DSL switched over to AT&T U-Verse and wow!  Today is the first day in months and months that my blog didn't lock my little old computer up while it was loading!  This has been a really good machine for me for many years but I know it won't handle the large files that I'll be working with so it's time to upgrade.

I admit, technology gets on my nerves sometimes.  Imagine how much money we would all have if we didn't need all this electronic stuff!  Upgrade this, update that, download this, install that.  We'd have a lot more free time too.  Honestly, I enjoy the opportunities that I have available thanks to today's technology.  I just wish they would slow it all down a little bit.  You know, just leave it alone for awhile.  A long while!

I have a little old fashioned, "plug it in telephone" that we bought when Scott and I got married 25 + years ago. It doesn't need electricity to work and it still works after all these years.  Do you know how many cellphones I've been through in that same amount of time?  I am on my 5th cellphone!  Give me a break!

Oh well, enough ranting and raving.  Truthfully, you wouldn't want to be in the same room with me if my electricity goes out!  Ha, ha, ha!!!!

Today I have some new things that Mom made.  She's been working on some pretty little baby door hangers:

And this is a little custom order Cat Doll that I made:

I guess that's my news for today!  Be sure to start thinking about Crazy Quilt Hearts for an upcoming publication!


Judys Fabrications said...

These are so sweet Pam.yes, I'll be sending some photos of hearts I've made (Crazy Patch).

nelda said...

These are very, very cute!

Judy S. said...

Love the kitty and the door hangars!

Abby / Linda said...

Love, love, love the door hangers for baby's room!!!

Anonymous said...

So Cute.

Greetings Maria

Gina E. said...

Ditto to all the above compliments on your stitching. And I agree with your comments 110% as far as technology goes! I also think of the money we've spent on computers, phones, t.v.s, etc. in the past ten years and realise why we were always in so much debt until Ken's mum left him a substantial inheritance.

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