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Monday, January 13, 2014

Marie Antoinette St Patricks Day Pillow

Sorry for disappearing over the weekend.  I get caught up in things and sometimes just don't get back to the computer or run out of time and don't get over here to my blog.  Anyway, thank you to everyone who took a guess on which pillow was my favorite.  For those of you who guessed this one, you were right!  I love this one with the little white kitty in the teacup!  And it's pink!

I've been working on another pillow, this one with a Marie Antoinette St Patricks Day theme.  Yes, it's kind of a silly combination but I've always loved this vintage postcard image:

I'm going to go put a ham in the oven and then wash my kitchen floor.  Once that's done, I'll stitch on this until Bubba gets home.

Oh, I also have a few other finishes to share.  First, a couple of things that mom made:

Mom loves making Door Knob Hangers!  And then she made this Small Pillow from a vintage tablerunner:

And I made some little Valentine Hanging Ornaments.  I hand dyed some quilt batting an old pink color and then filled them with hearts and doves:

All are available in my Etsy shop.

I think I'll make some of those little bags for St. Patricks Day.  I'm already thinking constantly of Spring.  I've had enough snow, cold and freezing rain this Winter to last me the rest of my life!!!  I have tulips, daffodils, shamrocks, bunnies and robin birds all floating around in my head!  So who knows what I'll come up with next!

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm with you on the sick and tired of winter thing (but you know that already). It was 6 degrees celcius here today, but we're plunging back into the deep freeze by the weekend. Wonder how I knew the pink pillow would have been your favourite?

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