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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Genuine Handmade

It's no secret that I have an Etsy shop.  And it's no secret that mom and I make things constantly for our shop.  Like everyone else, we need an income and we need to contribute something of value to society.  Everyone needs a purpose.  And it's no secret that I self promote constantly and if someone or anyone doesn't like it, I don't care.  Quite honestly, I've beat my head against the wall trying to make my shop work.  Short of standing on my head and singing The Star Spangled Banner upside down, I've pretty much had my fill of playing all the online marketing games, social networking and SEO nonsense and trying to stand out through the unbelievable amount of online competition these days. 

I no longer have the energy for a traditional job.  I've done my time with that.  I put up with a lot of BS over the years and that includes when I was working night and day designing counted cross stitch.  From here on in, I do things my way and in my time.

Now, Etsy, in it's infinite greed wisdom, is allowing it's shop owners to mass manufacture goods.  REALLY?!  This has always been a huge no-no with Etsy!  Shops could only carry handmade items, vintage items and craft supplies. 

Honestly, do those of us who work our butts off to make quality, genuine handmade items need the extra challenge of trying to break through that kind of competition?  And I don't want to hear that "if my items are good quality, they'll sell".  My items ARE good quality!  My mother and I are expert needleworkers and seamstresses.  But for some reason, it's damned hard to get consistent sales despite the quality of our work.  Despite my good photos, excellent descriptions and customer service which is second to none!  Despite my online reputation and despite everything I've done to make at decent living at this.

It's almost as if Etsy is deliberately trying to weed out the little guy who can only produce so much work so fast.  Quality takes time.  And as far as I'm concerned, if someone wants mass produced junk, then go down to the Walmart!  Etsy has always been about handmade.  I guess they've gotten too big for their britches and lost the mentality that handmade comes from the heart

But mom and I haven't lost that mentality.  Our handmade items ARE quality, they ARE genuine handmade and they DO come from our hearts!

So with all that said, and Etsy, I hope you're listening to this Handmade shop owners opinion, I will share our latest quality genuine handmade items.

My mom has made 2 more pretty Handmade Hanging Hearts:

And here is my latest stitched cat doll:

And I'll be starting on this one as soon as I get off my soap box:

Okay, I do believe I'm done venting now.  I hope I didn't offend anyone but I just can't think of anywhere better to post my opinions than right here on my own blog where I absolutely intend to say what I want to say (without being offensive to my sweet blog friends). 



NickiLee said...

Applause applause - well said Pam!! We spend so much time and energy into making our pretties I just can't understand why Etsy would want to change the way they allow it's vendors to sell things. No right, not fair.... anyone can mass produce but no one can compare to the time, love and effort you and your mom do in making your beautiful gifts from the heart.

Kim B said...

Well I have not been in the loop lately and didnt realize that etsy now allowed mass produced. Thats horrible. You have beautiful items and is hard breaking that they are trying to push out the little guy... Thinking of you. Big Hugs & Love to a sweet talented lady. Kim B

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Of course I'm not an etsy follower per se so was totally unaware of the latest move towards mass production. It seems like the deck is always stacked against the little guy because these sorts of companies look to the bottom line and how much money they can make. I'm sorry to hear this because I had such high hopes for etsy. Perhaps something/someone will start up another similar type of operation, geared towards the artists. LEt's hope!

Julierose said...

Oh I agree 100% with your stance on this. I go to Etsy to find authentically made, special handmade items....not mass-produced things (which have their place, but not on Etsy!) Hugs, Julierose

DIAN said...

good for you - it is always good to give voice to your own opinions.

I am afraid this is the way of businesses everywhere.

Your creations are truly beautiful and I hope you will keep on with the authentic hand made items you are known for.

Sandra said...

I didn't know they were going to allow that. I agree with what you said.

Anonymous said...

Lovely things, Pam.
Greetings Maria M.

Prairie Patch Quilts said...

I totally agree with your thoughts and opinion. I wish you luck in having great success with your business. Nothing beats homemade and from the heart.

mary said...

always follow your wonderful blog...I agree totally with your comments - have a daughter who trys to sell on Etsy - all all of which is handmade and original work but the competition is terrible - keep your work coming, keep the desire to make and sell beautiful things..the personal satisfaction is worth it!! mary in texas

Judy S. said...

Hadn't heard that. It sounds like they are trying to turn into ebay or something. I do love those hearts and of course, your cats. You're right, your work is topnotch!

Gina E. said...

Etsy is turning into eBay, by the sound of it. I went off eBay when they went into overdrive with commercial mass production sellers instead of the ordinary citizen wanting to sell something or find a one off bargain.
Pam, I fear you and others are fighting a losing battle. The internet is so damn big now, the little guy just gets lost among all the money hungry retailers. Still, people know where to find artists like you and your Mom, so hang in there!

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