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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kreinik Metallic Facets

My current project is this Crazy Quilt Christmas purse:

The top of the purse is part of a vintage Christmas hankie.  I kept looking at the edge of the hankie and felt that it needed some sort of definition. I didn't feel that beading around it was the right thing.  I just wanted it to have a little definition.  Then I remembered my beautiful Kreinik metallic threads. 

Kreinik offers a thread called, Facets.  It's available in a variety of sizes but for this project, I decided on the Petite Facets in gold:

The Facets are very glittery and actually look like little beads.  They're not intended to use for actual stitching but rather are meant to be couched on using another thread.  I used a Kreinik metallic cord for that which is very fine.

Here are some close up photos so you can see how it looks:

You learn more about the Kreinik Facets here on their website.

And before I turn the computer off for today, I thought I'd share yet another picture of my very cute baby kitty:

Cotton ball loves to play on the bed when I'm trying to make it every morning!  I was trying to put clean sheets on the bed yesterday when he decided it would be fun to lay in the middle of everything. 


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Just spent some time poking about on the Kreinik site. Too many pretties to be had there!!

Gina E. said...

Do you remember sending me some Kreinik threads years ago, when we were swapping some stuff? I still have them and sometimes use them to embellish my embroideries. I find 'Thread Heaven' helps a lot!
Oops, nearly forgot to comment on dear little Kitty in the photo: cuteness in bucketloads :-)

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