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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Christmas Poinsettia Purse

I woke up at 1:30 this morning, sweating buckets!  Oh, does that ever end!!!!  So, since I'm not one to waste time, I got up, made coffee, put QVC on and stitched.  My Christmas Poinsettia Purse is done and ready to sew together:

I added some more Kreinik metallic to the border on the left.  I stem stitched around the leaves with a #4 Braid:

The leaves needed a bit more definition and I'm always up for more sparkle!  I love those Kreinik metallic threads.  Always have!  BTW - the free cross stitch design on Kreinik's main webpage is one I did for them a few years back!

And here is a close up photo of the antique lace piece at the top:

I had first used red seed beads on the antique lace but it was too much red.  I rarely take anything off once I sew it on but the red just didn't work so I replaced them with green seed beads and now it looks more balanced.

Finally, I added centers to the red Silk Ribbon flowers:

If you look closely at the photos, I scattered some clear snowflakes here and there on the block. 

I'll have to run up to JoAnn's tomorrow and get some purse handles for this bag.  I have a few sets here but nothing that works with this piece.  So, just twist my arm and make me to go to JoAnn's!  LOL!!!

And now for some more cute cat pictures.  Here's my little Cotton ball:

A rare photo of him with his eyes open!  He's on the top shelf of my garden window.  No, he's not allowed up there.  But I can't reach him when he's way in the back so instead, I grabbed the camera!

And apparently, Wrigley discovered the sink in the bathroom:

Oh, those little faces just melt my heart!  I'm still trying to get some new photos of Lucy but she's still a little crabby and fussy.  She's had a hard time adjusting to losing Nightmare (I know that feeling) and having 2 little aliens in the house.  Slowly but surely, she's coming around.  I'll try again later for some new photos of her.  She's always been a beauty!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

The sparklies on your purse really show up when you embiggen the pictures! Still think you could easily do a series of cards with your kittie pictures and sell them...

Gina E. said...

Squealing with delight over the Pond at all the furry cuteness! (Love what you do with the Kreinek too!)

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