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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Another Students Crazy Quilt Block Lesson 6

I have another students block to share with you today.  This is Kathy's Lesson 6 block:

Isn't this a pretty block?  Kathy used a photo image of strawberries and then enhanced them with some embroidery and silk ribbon work.  And then some strawberry buttons.  Which I think I've seen at Hobby Lobby.  I love the border with the detached chain flowers inside a circle.  Very original!  And check out the spider!  Ooooh, a very scary spider!  Love it!

Beautiful work Kathy!  Thank you for sending this to me to share with my readers!

Another photo that I thought I'd share today is my Crazy Quilt Cat Pillow.  Well, the stitched piece anyway.  I still have to sew it into a pillow.  The stitching is complete now:

I love this block!  I can't wait to sew it together!

I'll leave you today with a cute photo of my babies:

I got lucky and happened to see them both laying on the chair together.   On top of my stuff.  Which cats always seem to have a tendency to do!  But it looks like Wrigley and Cotton are going to be best friends!  Can you believe how much Wrigley has grown?  He was only 3 pounds when we adopted him!  Cotton is only 3 pounds now.  And I don't laugh but I measured Wrigley's tail again and that grew too!  It's over 14 inches long.  I've never had a cat with such a long tail before!

1 comment:

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Kathy did a beautiful job! Really like the use of the strawberry image. And Cotton and Wrigley are SO cute together.

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