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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Student Blocks

I thought I'd share of few of my students blocks with you today.  These are from my Color and Composition Class, Lesson 2:

This block was worked by Joyce:

Look closely at beading and silk ribbon work on the ribbon behind the Irish lady.  Beautiful!  Joyce did a very nice job balancing her colors.  There's plenty of purple there to compliment the greens and be sure to look for Joyce's little spider!  Ya'll know I like my spiders!

This block belongs to Kathleen.  She did a beautiful embroidered vine over purple ric rack.  I'm not sure if Kathleen is finished with this one yet or not.  Kathleen's silk ribbon spray in the top left corner is gorgeous!

And this block is by Jane.  Jane couldn't find any purple lace to put behind the Irish Lady so she improvised and used some purple ribbon.  That's exactly what I want people to do.  Work with what you can find!  Jane did a beautiful floral vine and lovely beadwork on the lace at the top.

This is Maria's block:

Maria's embroidery and silk ribbon work is stunning.  Look closely for all the little details.  Plenty of purple to enhance the green background.

This block was worked by Julie.  She used lots of sweet little embellishments and look close at that butterfly.  It's cross stitched!  Excellent creativity!

Finally, this is the block that Cris is working on.  She did a great job with the lace behind the Irish Lady.  Cris is still working on her block so I'll post updates again when there's a few more photos to see.

In my next lesson, we're going to start working on "clustering".  Yes, we're going to be piling it on.  Lesson 4 will be released on March 17th.

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margaret said...

thanks for sharing what your students are doing

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