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Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Few Stitched Pieces

Yes, I've been stitching away the early morning hours so I thought I'd share a few of my stitched pieces today.

First, an eyeglass case that my mother in law asked me for:

And then this pretty pink Dragonfly Purse:

The dragonfly is a piece of vintage jewelry.  It's a beautiful piece and in mint condition.  Be sure to look at it closely.  Obviously, I need to sew these 2 pieces up so I'll post another photo when they're ready but I thought you'd like to see some of my latest stitched pieces.

My Easter Blessings Hanging Pillow is model for my upcoming book:

This one is so cheerful and Springy!  I for one have had enough of Winter now.  I'm ready for the Robin's to come back, the snow to melt and the grass to turn green!

Finally, I started this purse yesterday:

So that's my latest stitching!  Have a great Sunday everyone!


Michelle said...

Beautiful Pam! Each one is gorgeous!

Terri's ThreadArt said...

Pam these are so beautiful as always! I love the crochet trim on the bottom picture, the patina to it looks beautiful with the pink! Guess what? I heard a beautiful bird song the other morning, it was def a sound of spring!!!! It will be here before you know it!!!

margaret said...

lots more to see and admire here.

I have the robin back in the garden, spotted him about 2 weeks ago and the blackbirds are busy flirting with each other, spring must be on its way.

Susan Hook said...

Your work is so beautiful,I like how there is so much packed in to your blocks, lots of lovely stitches and embellishments just gorgeous!

Kelly@CCCC said...

Those are so lovely! We've got a couple of male cardinals and 1 female cardinal that are making their homes in my backyard...hope that's a sign of warmer weather in the near future! Have a beautiful week! Kelly xoxo

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