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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Update On Color And Composition Classes

Debbie S. asked me about my upcoming Color And Composition Classes.  She wanted to know if there will be a sign up or if it'll run like a stitch along.

The classes will run like a stitch along.  There won't be a sign up.  Stitcher's who want to participate will simply order the instructional booklet for each of the 25 lessons from Magcloud.  I suggest that stitchers either follow me here on my blog or follow me on Magcloud to stay on top of each lesson.

This ongoing class will take approx. 1 year to 18 months to complete.  Stitcher's who take all 25 lessons will complete a beautiful 25 block quilt and will have learned how to create gorgeous crazy quilt compositions using color.  Learning how to work with color & composition will come about through repetition based on my specifications and instructions for each lesson.  Stitcher's will learn new techniques and skills through the process of doing the lessons.  Helpful hints and shortcuts will also be included.  And there will be an air of mystery involved as each block will have a theme and color scheme but I won't be indulging that information in advance.  That will come about as I release each individual lesson.

We'll be starting this project right after New Year's.  I will set up a Flickr group so stitcher's who are participating can share photos and discuss the project.  And of course, questions can be addressed to me here on my blog, via email or at the Flickr group.

In other news, here is my latest stitched piece:

By looking at it, you probably can't tell what it's going to be.  There will be 2 more.  But I'm not going to spill the beans yet!


Gerry Krueger said...

This is such a wonderfully unique approach.. You have so much to share... I wish you the best... Gerry

Magpie's Mumblings said...

These are the tones of pink I like - SO much better than the pale pinks I've been working on lately!

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