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Monday, October 15, 2012

Let's Make A Crazy Quilt

Our "Color & Composition" Lessons have changed just a bit.  Yeah, I're all thinking not again right?  What can I say?  I change my mind every 5 minutes!

Honestly though, several of my readers have emailed me asking if we could just do blocks and focus on  learning Color and Composition along with some new techniques rather than spend time finishing projects.

That of course inspired the change.  I like that idea so I've made a list.  Here's the updated project:

*There will be 25 lessons in total. 
*Each lesson will be $10.00 US
*Each lesson will consist of making 1 - 6 inch block
*Each block will have a theme and color scheme
*Each block will have a "have to use" item.  Example:  a certain stitch or border or type of embroidery
*I will include a stitched example for your inspiration but there will still be some mystery to the project since   I will only be releasing 1 lesson at a time.
*You can take as many of the lessons or as few of the lessons as you want to
*There is no time frame to this project.  I don't want anyone to stress over it.  All in your own time.
*This project will take approx 12 - 18 months to complete.
*I will set up a Flickr group for everyone to share they're photos and discuss the lessons.
*I will include links to your blogs, Flickr albums or websites here on my blog so that others can visit and see your projects.
*If you do all 25 lessons, you will have 25 blocks at the end of the project.  That means, that you will have enough blocks to make a 28 inch crazy quilt.  (And so will I!)
*You will learn how to work with color and composition by the repetition of working with my guidelines and specifications.
*By the end of the 25 lessons, you will develop your own style of crazy quilting and your eye will automatically know what to do where.  You won't have to wonder anymore.  These lessons will help you to learn how to balance a block, how to put things together and how to use color.  But the most fun thing about this project is that you won't even know that you're learning it.  Your mind will just pick it up from doing it.
*All lessons will be available to purchase at Magcloud which is a site for self publication and it's owned by Hewlett Packard.  I believe they accept both PayPal and Credit Cards.
*The project starts the beginning of January 2013.

So that's my update for today everyone!  Start gathering your supplies and prepare to make a crazy quilt!

I'm going to make up a little banner too so that anyone who would like to share the project on their blog can do so.  I'll have that ready soon.


The Mad Stitcher said...

Hi Pam! Love this idea. Will you be providing a general materials list for us beginners to know what to collect?
Kathy aka The Mad Stitcher

ARLENE said...

Pam, I like the changes you've made to your original plan. I'm going to check out the site to see if it's easy to navigate.

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