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Friday, October 19, 2012

Color And Composition Lessons General Supply List

I thought I would go ahead and post the general supply list for our Color & Compositions Lessons starting in January 2013.  These are the supplies used for basic crazy quilting:

*A variety of fabrics in a variety of colors. Some prints, some solids and some textures.  I offer a Crazy Quilt Fabric Variety Pack in my Etsy shop.  Please keep in mind that only small pieces of fabrics are necessary for crazy quilting.  1/8 yards are more than enough.

*Threads - again, lots of colors are nice to have on hand.  You can use DMC 6 strand embroidery floss, #5 Perle cottons, Kreinik #4 or #8 Braids, basically whatever you like.  One of my favorite threads to use is Watercolours by The Caron Collection.

*Printable Fabric Sheets - these are available in sewing and craft stores such as JoAnn Fabrics and Hobby Lobby.  I use the June Tailor cotton fabric inkjet sheets.

 *Beads - lots of beads!  That's if you want to do my style of crazy quilting.  I use a lot of seed beads and a lot of glass pearls.  Also, flower beads and anything else that you like are nice to have on hand.

*Buttons - any type of buttons you have on hand is fine.  I use lots of plain old sewing buttons along with some pretty vintage glass buttons and inexpensive novelty buttons.

*Beading Thread or Dental Floss - it's best to attach beads with a sturdy beading thread but I've never found one that I like so instead, I use dental floss.  Just plain waxed dental floss from the dollar store.

*Needles - I'm sure most stitchers and sewers have a variety of needles on hand.  I use tiny quilting needles for beading and just a plain sewing needle for everything else.

*Pins - Another thing that every seamstress or stitcher should have on hand!

*Waste Canvas - yes, we will be working with my waste canvas technique.  I suggest either 8.5 count Waste Canvas or 10 count Waste Canvas.  If you have trouble finding it, carries it in both sizes.
Also, if you've never done counted cross stitch, you might find this YouTube video helpful.  If you prefer, this tutorial will help too.

*14 count Aida - we will be doing some cross stitch so I suggest have some in white and some in cream color and any other color that you might like to work with.

*White Felt - An 8 1/2 X 11 piece should more than enough.

*E6000 Jewelry Glue.  We'll be using this to attach anything that can't be sewn on.  It's available at Walmart, JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby and Michaels.

*Laces & Trims - again, variety in color and width.  Flea markets and antiques shops are a nice place to find vintage pieces but some nice things can found in craft and sewing stores as well.

*Small Fabric Flowers - Little satin roses and other small flowers that can be sewn on are nice to have on hand for crazy quilting.  Etsy is a great place to find these things for reasonable prices.

*Sequins - what can I say?  I love glittery things and nothing adds glitter like sequins!  I buy mine from

*Charms - little brass charms like butterflies, bees, dragonflies and other bugs are a nice stash addition.

*Muslin - I use a medium weight muslin for my foundation piecing.

*Silk Ribbon - it's a bit pricy but it adds so much to a CQ piece.  I buy mine in white and hand dye it myself.  We won't go into hand dying but if you'd like to try it, I've written a tutorial for dyeing ribbon with inexpensive Rit dye.  I purchase my 7 MM and 4 MM silk ribbon from Threadart.  You can also purchase solid colors from them as well.

*Vintage or broken jewelry - again, this up to you.  Just look around and see what you have on hand that you might like to use on your crazy quilt.

Well, that's the basic supply list for Crazy Quilting.  Each of our 25 blocks will have their own supply list but much of what we use will be from this list.  There may a couple of things for you to pick up here and there but nothing expensive or excessive.

If you're completely new to crazy quilting, I suggest that you review this tutorial on Foundation Piecing.  This is the technique I use and we will be covering it in the first Lesson but I thought it'd be a good idea for anyone who's new to this to get an idea of how foundation piecing works.

So that's the general list everyone!  Here's a little eye candy for you.  These will be heart shaped Christmas Door Knob Hangers:

I plan to sew these up over the weekend and add them to my Etsy shop.

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

You've put a lot of thought into the list Pam - I can't think of a thing I would add!

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