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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Crazy Quilt Cat Purse

It was a hot one yesterday.  I ran a few errands, had iced tea with mom and then came home and finished the stitching on my crazy quilt cat purse:

I'll sew this together as soon as I feel up to it and add it to the shop.

After dinner, I pulled a couple of more project from my basket of "ready to stitch on" things.  I thought I'd do another of my little signature cat dolls:

I always like to do something small in between larger projects.

And here's a more traditional crazy quilt project, attached to a frame and ready to stitch:

I haven't decided yet if I'll sew this into a pillow or a purse.  We'll see when I get it stitched.

Today is supposed to be quite toasty!  I'll water my plants early, run to the grocery store and then spend the rest of the day indoors.

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