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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cold Again

Well, my furnace is out again.  I have the heating people coming out.  It's probably just time to replace it again.  We had this one put in about a year after we bought the house.  We've had the house now for 19 years.  Don't know where the money is coming from for that but we'll figure it out.

I didn't get to doing any stitching yesterday so here's an oldie but a goodie:

I use this purple purse a lot during the Summer months.  The grapes are acrylic.  I bought them at Michael's and was determined to sew them on a purse!  I have another little bunch of grapes that I bought.  Maybe I'll make one to sell this Summer.


Sandie said...

It is indeed a beauty!
(I'm biased of course, as I kinda like purple!).

I hope you win the lottery or something to help you buy a new boiler!
Have a great week, keep warm,

Sandie xx

Mary Ivancicts said...

I know about furnace problem.....we had them this year also! It's so cold out today for that to happen....Stay warm.

Beadwright said...

Ooohhhhh and aaaaahhhhh. This is so me. I love this. The grapes set the bad. Simply elegant

Gerry Krueger said...

I know what you mean... Our furnace, heat pump and the pump in our well are 30 years I expect them to go at any time now... Last year the dryer and the refrigerator died... It really keeps you worried all the time... Love the purse... Hugs Gerry K.

Sandy said...

It's a lovely purse. I can see why you use it a lot.
It's hard to stitch or do anything when you are cold. We replaced ours several years ago and have saved a lot on heating bills.

Mary said...

Don't jump too fast to replace your furnace. A heating and cooling co down here was caught running a scam (it happened to my aunt among lots others) of having their heat or AC checked or worked on and the co was rigging them to fail again so you would go ahead and buy a NEW unit. Took a bunch of folks down here for many thousands of $$$$. Check with your Better Business folks before you buy. Be careful.

Cristina said...

Soy una ferviente admiradora de tus trabajos, es realmente fantástico, me encanta!!!

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Beautiful colors. That is a purse I would use a lot too. It is perfect! Sorry your heat is out. Furnaces are one of those things that seems to go out during the coldest of days. I hope you are able to stay warm!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh my - I think maybe I'd better skip a few posts so I can see the end result of the furnace problem and then come back to catch up. I like the purse too!!

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