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Friday, December 31, 2010

Vintage Hats Vintage Millinery Flowers

I'm back and I must say, I'm so looking forward to having my routine back to normal!  It's been a busy week and I'm worn out.  But now things can settle down and I can get back to stitching, sewing and glue-guning!  LOL!!!

We've done some shopping this week and I found 4 Vintage Hats with Vintage Millinery Flowers in the antique mall.  I buy these old hats and then take them apart and use the Vintage Flowers on my projects:

And here are the Vintage Millinery Flowers that I end up with:
I save everything from these old hats that I can.  If there's trim or usable fabric, I save it.  Waste not, want not! Would you like to see how to take these old hats apart?  See my Taking Apart Vintage Hats Tutorial.

I use these Vintage Flowers on my Crazy Quilts, Fabric Cuff Bracelets and other projects.

In other news, my sweet friend Cathy Scalise of Treasured Heirlooms included one of my Crazy Quilt pieces in a beautiful Etsy Treasury.  If you have a free moment, please see that Etsy Treasury and please leave a comment.  If it gets enough views and comments, it may make it to Etsy's front page!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I can't imagine having to actually wear those hats - I'm just not a hat person. Like looking at them though, and you've definitely found some great fodder for CQ with these. Happy new year Pam - to you and your family.

agypsyangel said...

You found some very pretty hats. Happy New Year. Hugs, Kim

Gina E. said...

Like Magpie, I just cannot imagine anybody wearing those hats, although the last one was more elegant than the first three!
Had a look at Etsy Treasury, but couldn't leave a comment (PC hiccups here). Your Victorian lady is exquisite! I've just posted a tribute to you on my blog with photos of the pieces you've sent me.
Love and Best wishes for 2011 to you, Scott and your Mum.
{{{hugs from Oz}}}

Rose Garden Romantic said...

I do the same thing,unless the hat is just too cute and in great shape! The hats are so hard to find these days. You found some great ones!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

p.s. Everyone is saying they can't imagine anyone wearing those hats, but have they seen the vintage photos of people wearing them? I think they looked fabulous and I wish people still wore lovely hats and nice dress and suits!

Asha said...

Beautiful flowers and hats! Happy New Year Pam! :)

Vintage Ladies Hats said...

That fourth picture is really pretty! If you haven't taken it apart yet, consider saving it! It will go with a lot of day events! :)

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