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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Crazy Quilt Peacock Purse At Etsy

I'm pleased to tell you that I have finished my Peacock Purse and I've added it to my Etsy shop:

Elegant Crazy Quilt Peacock Purse

I've now got a bee in my bonnet to do a pink peacock purse!  I don't think I have any pink eyelash yarn so I'll have to see if I can find some when I'm out and about.  I've noticed that all the wonderful fancy yarns that were available just a few years back are getting more and more difficult to find.  I remember that Michael's had tons of fancy yarn and now with the exception of just a few skeins, most of what they carry is worsted weight.  What fun is that?  I don't crochet sweaters or scarves.  I can't even read a pattern.  Well, I can read a pattern, but the abbreviations totally mess with my ADD mind so I just make it up.  I do the same with tatting.  I can follow the pattern but the abbreviations make me crazy so I make that up too.

Anyway, I crocheted the trim at the bottom of the purse.  The sequins are crocheted on as I went along.  Then I hand-sewed the trim on once I had the purse sewn together.

So now that my peacock is complete, I started another purse project.  One of my favorite subjects is Marie Antoinette.  I love the fluffly-ness and the flowers and the pastel colors associated with Marie.  I also see her as someone who was so misunderstood and pretty much screwed the minute she was born.  If you don't know too much about Marie Antoinette, Wikipedia has an excellent biography on her.

Here's the block before stitching:

Marie Antoinette Purse 1

And here's the block before beading:

Marie Antoinette Purse 2

This will be incredibly glittery.  I plan to use a ton of sequins on it.

I decided to experiment with some curved seams.  Boy, did I fight with myself on using a glue stick on a crazy quilt.  But I kept reminding myself that if it's good enough for Judith Montano's quilts, it's good enough for mine!  I only used 1 curved piece on this block.  Future blocks will have more.  I like the look!  While the sides of that piece are sewn into the block, the curve is simply held in place with a glue stick.  To cover the edge, I just hand sewed some trim over it.

The image of Marie, which I printed on commercial ink jet fabric, is trimmed as well and then tacked in place with hand sewing.  Again, trim covers the edges.

I'll leave you for today with a couple of new pretties from mom & Kathi.  First, is mom's latest cottage style pillow:

And Kathi's latest, a gorgeous set with earrings, bracelet & matching necklace. Real amethyst beads are the focal point:

Both can be found here at Etsy.


Annie said...

The peacock purse is just magnificent and thanks for the tute. A pink one will be a perfect addition.

Love your plan for Marie Antoinette. Did you use a special glue stick made for fabric?

Seems like every time I find crafty things I really like, they get discontinued. The fancy yarns are no exception it seems.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Pam - if you have any dollar stores nearby, check them for eyelash yarn. I've seen it in ours. Your peacock purse is gorgeous. I haven't used a glue stick on a piece because, truthfully, it scares me!

Shirley said...

Hi Pam, I am trying to catch up with all of my blogging friends tonight. I had to find out what a peacock purse was. It is awesome. Have a wonderful day.

Judy S. said...

Your purse is beautiful, Pam. You didn't say what you used for the handle? Love your pplan for Marie, too! Maybe you can find the yarn you need online?

Laurie said...

So pretty Pam, I LOVE how the peacock turned out, and Marie Antoinette is turning our beautiful!

Carol said...

Your peacocks are superb!
I think I saw eyelash yarn at Hobby Lobby last week, but living in the Midwest, its probably left over from last year and whatever is new hasn't hit yet!!

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