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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Autumn Purse Block Update

Just a quick post for today everyone.  Thought you would all enjoy seeing an update on my Autumn Purse block:

Bet you'll never guess what's going on that spider web?  LOL!!!  I may still hand-paint that lace piece on the top right.  I still haven't decided yet.  Stay tuned!  I'll be offering this in my Etsy shop when it's complete!


Charmingdesigns said...

Thanks for visiting me. I love your work. The dying of your fabrics is beautiful. I'm going to go look around some more.

Carol said...

Hi Pam
Beautiful piece! I tried to get the pic really big so I could get a close up of that web. They look easy, but they are not!! do you mind giving some tips on how you did YOURS? Its perfect.

Sally said...

This is looking gorgeous Pam.

Lynn Stevens said...

Pam, your autumn purse is coming out so Lovely! the colors and texture are so rich.

On another note I read your pass post about depression and was so touched by it, I was speechless. I too suffer from Manic Depression. Have been on medication for 12 years and had some counseling. It still rears its ugly head at times but easier to deal with now. So glad to know I'm not alone! Hugs to you my friend for opening up and telling your story. I'm sure it will help others who feel helpless and alone! Bless you!

Cathy K said...

Hi Pam! I’m loving this piece (I do love autumn!). I wanna see you put a great big, fat hairy black spider smack dab in the middle of that web. OK??? Naw..... just kidding! ;-) A dainty little beaded spider would be great, tho! Missing you....... hugs, Cathy

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