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Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Trip To JoAnn Fabrics Store

We went up to JoAnn's today.  Just needed to get out a little really.  I picked up some beads, a couple of purse handles, a few spools of bead thread, some felt and some flowers that were marked down. The felt was 4 for $1.00 if anyone needs some!  Anyway, just needed some basic supplies.  There was some fabric that I was drooling all over but my husband reminded me that I have plenty of fancy fabric.  I told him that I didn't have any like that and he said it'll be there next time.  Okay, I get the hint!  Ha, ha, ha!  Actually, he couldn't care less what I buy.  He puts things in my cart that he thinks I need.  What a guy!

When we left there, we stopped at Wendy's for one of their little tiny cheeseburgers and we split a small fry and then came home where I have been doing laundry ever since.  And then my husband asked for me some bread.  He never asks for anything so I didn't want to say no.  Thank goodness for my Kitchenaid.  I made a loaf of wheat bread.  It's on the second rise now so I can bake it in about 45 minutes.  Should make the house smell really good.  We'll have it with salad later.

I have a few new things to share today.  Actually, I have loads of new things from mom and myself but I can only do so many at one time.  First are my Orchid Greeting Tags:


The orchids are from a vintage greeting card.  I really love making pretty tags.  These would be so pretty on Birthday gifts or Mother's Day gifts.
Next are some more of Mom's Victorian Tussy Mussy's:


Those fuzzy little chicks are just too cute!

I'm getting ready to start stitching on some little Angel Brooches.  First, I think I'll sit in a tub filled with bubbles and relax a bit with my magazines.  Then I'll stitch for a bit.  I'm definately feeling better.  I noticed a bit of a change on Saturday.  I feel a twinge more on the planet and not quite as "out there" as I felt.  Still, I'm out of steam by 5:00 pm every day.  So it's time to rest.

Speaking of resting, I'll leave you with a photos of my lazy little Simba:


He's really the sweetest little angel of a kitty.  Doesn't bother anything or anyone.  Very quiet and gentle.  And definitely lazy!   I think I want to be a cat in my next life and live with someone like me!


Froggy said...

Isn't Simba Beautiful! Such a pretty little thing.

It's great when husbands are supportive of our little quirks. I collect frogs and mine helps me find places to display them, and has even let me have a frog acrylic toilet seat. What a guy!


Judy S. said...

Homemade bread, yum! Your Simba is a beauty!

Sandy G said...

Simba, the beauty! She looks very content! Love the basket pillow she is laying on. Nice work! Mom and daughter have been at it again - bringing beauty to the world. Thanks for sharing!

I can almost smell that bread! Aahh! :o)

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