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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Crazy Garden Quilt Continues To Bloom

Flowers continue to bloom on Block #8 of my Crazy Garden Quilt:


This project is nearing is end and I've so much enjoyed it.  Only 1 block to go when this one is done.  It's helped me to focus on Spring & Summer rather than the icky Winter months which ya'll know, I absolutely despise!  Will have to plan on another project for next Winter!

But I'm not quite done yet.  I've been making myself get out of my bed when my husband goes to work and I sit and play with my stitching until it gets light out.  It helps to move around in the morning and do something that requires hand/eye coordination.

In other news, I finished up my little brooches that I mentioned the other day.  Oh, they are so pretty!  I'll have photos tomorrow.  I also finished up my "mystery" strawberry project that I mentioned the other day.  Again, photos will be available in the morning.  Anyone want to guess what I've done with those strawberries?

For now, I'd better get dinner together.  Taco salad.  Yum!


Anonymous said...

I have loved watching your quilt come to life, block by block.
I'm looking forward to the next quilting adventure you will take us on.

- Sue

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!!!! I love the buttonhole flowers, they are sure lovely.

Your blocks are awesome.

Ann Flowers

Gina E. said...

Pam, this is so pretty! It would take me weeks to do just one block like yours, and you do other stuff as well, not to mention baking. I have no idea what you are going to do with your velvet strawberries, but they look good enough to eat on that photo you posted!

Cathy K said...

Your block is lovely, as always, Pam. Can't wait to see your velvet strawberry surprise! Gerry & I got a lot of great shopping and stitching in, and now it's time to (waaah!) unwind, put away some of the goodies we dragged out and get back to blogging and other projects! :-) Hugs, Cathy

Cathy said...

Hi Pam,

Love this beautiful CQ. I promise to get my pillow blogged soon. I took pictures the other night and they didn't look good so I'm going to try again today.

Happy Pink Saturday,

xo Cathy

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