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Friday, February 05, 2010

Busy As A Bee!

Well, Spring is coming!  At least that's what I keep telling myself.  For my readers on the east coast, my heart goes out to you!  I'd be out of mind if we were getting that much snow.  Oh wait, been there, done that!  I do try to have a sense of humor about my depression experience! 

Anyway, I spent today listing things that mom and I made.  I didn't even get everything done before I had to say, "enough"!  I'm spent now so I'll be heading off shortly for a nice warm bubble bath and a few magazines.  I'll list the rest of our things over the weekend.

In the meantime, I thought I share photos of our creations.  First is my mom's latest St. Patrick's Day Tussy Mussy:

St Pats Day Tussy Mussy

Isn't she pretty?  And so cute with her little Irish Setter!

Next mom made some Easter ornaments:

Bunny Ornaments

And some Blanket Babies with Bunnies:

Blanket Baby Bunnies

Those are just so sweet!  and perfect for New Baby package tie on's!

My offereings are these pretty little Shamrock Ladies:

Shamrock Ladies

I did 4 of them but if you look closely (click on the images), you'll see that each one has a different Irish lady on it.  These were fun to make!

And this is my Piece De Resistance: 

Marie Antoinette Trinket Box

My Marie Antoinette Trinket Box!  Oh, how pleased I am with this!  And so much fun.  I used a ton of my vintage millinery flowers and some vintage rhinestones that I painstakingly took out of some junk jewelry that I bought at a flea market awhile back.

I have all sorts of new projects planned.  I have to keep a journal for my ideas now! 

Tomorrow will be another day with mom and flying glitter!  Ha, ha, ha!  After then bank and post office of course!

For now, I'll leave you with an update on Block #7 of my Garden Crazy Quilt:

Floral Crazy Quilt Block 7

Not quite done yet.  Still a little ways to go.  Have a good evening everyone.  I think I'll have Scott order carry out.


Louisiana Momma said...

everything looks great.. you and your mom do beautiful work.. now I just need to do my checkbook so I can see what I can afford :-)

Gina E. said...

Lovely work from both you and your Mom, Pam. The Garden crazy quilt is going to be simply stunning! I'm glad to hear you are feeling so good these days, but I don't know how you can shovel snow - your back must be in better shape than mine!!
Hey, I found some more laces in my local opshop - they'll be in the mail on Monday :-)

Cathy K said...

This block #7 is my favorite one yet. They're getting happier and lovelier!! Big hugs, Cathy

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