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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Now Is The Time.....

Years ago, I loved to journal.  I wrote about my day and things that I wanted to do and so on.  Nothing grand, I just kept a journal to help myself unwind at the end of my day.

Eventually, I stopped doing it.  Not enough time!  Honestly, I just stopped making the time for it in order to have time for other things.  What is it with time?  We seem to have an obsession with it.  Or rather, an obsession with the lack of it!  I guess we as a society have reached a point of having so many wonderful things to do, that we have a hard time (there's that word again) making time for everything.

On that note, here is one of my latest creations:

Now Is The Time Journal

I used vintage papers, vintage millinery flowers which I hand-dyed myself and loads of glitter!  I really enjoyed this project and plan to do a few more.  I may even make one for myself.  Oh my goodness, one more thing to make time for!  LOL!

Honestly, journaling is an excellent way to help deal with anxiety, depression, ADD and BiPolar.  By writing things down in a notebook, it gets all the chaos out of our heads.  It's also a good way for us creative people to get our ideas out of our heads.  By writing it down, we're not spending so much energy trying to remember everything!

Another new addition to the shop, is a new Tussy Mussy by mom:

Tussy Mussy St Patricks

Isn't this pretty?  I love it because I love St. Patrick's Day!  It marks the beginning of Spring for me.  This little Victorian Lady is ready to go to the parade with her little shamrock!

I have all sorts of new things to add but can only do a few a day.  It really takes a lot of time (there's that word again) to take photos, load them into my computer, edit them, write up descriptions and upload photos.  Thankfully, I can sit here and stitch while the photos are uploading!

Speaking of which, I'm off to work on my crazy quilt block!  Now is the time.....


Magpie's Mumblings said...

The journal is absolutely gorgeous and yes, you need to have one for yourself and actually use it! You might be surprised how much it might help you. Sometimes putting our thoughts and feelings into writing helps to validate them and also helps us to put them away.

Heidi said...

Its so pretty! I love to journal too. I have such a hard time sleeping at night so I journal before I go to sleep so I may get everything out and sleep easier.

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