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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Busy Day

I didn't intend for it to be that way.  It just sort of happened.  I woke up and decided that making cookies would be fun!  And it was!  I was only going to do Cherry Almond Shortbread with Chocolate Chips but once that was done mixing and in the oven, my Kitchenaid was still screaming at me!  So I made a batch of Coconut Shortbread.  Whoa!  These are quite yummy!  I just got back from taking some to my neighbor to thank him for shoveling my driveway for me:


My house still smells good!

I then spent some time photographing our latest creations:

Rose Journal by Pam

I finished this up yesterday.  I am absolutely planning on making one for myself.  And I think I know what the theme will be!  HINT:  I just ordered the Marie Antoinette magazine from Somerset Studio this morning!  Oh, and the movie is so incredibly beautiful!  I'm so glad I bought that!

Anyway, another of my latest creations are these little Feather Tags:

Feather Tags by Pam

Aren't they pretty?  I usually do paper craft things when I'm at mom's.  She has the most awesome workspace down in her basement!  I'll have to get a photo of our craft space next time I'm there.

Anyway, mom made these pretty tags:

Flower Tags by Mom

I'm so impressed with these.  Mom recycled some package material that she received with something she ordered.  It's some really neat stuff and mom saved it for crafts.  My mother has always been into the "Green" thing.  That's where I learned it from!

Well, I'm out of steam for now.  I have a couple little packages to put together for shipping and then I'm off to stitch on this some more:

Floral Crazy Quilt Block 6

I expect to finish this up tonight or tomorrow.  I may take another little break before starting Block #7.  We'll see what I do.

Have a great evening everyone!

QUICK EDIT:   I wanted to mention Sheila's blog.  She stitched up my "January" Biscornu of the Month.  I wanted you to see the stitched piece as well as Sheila's stitching which is quite lovely!

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