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Monday, December 08, 2008

Button Block #28 Completed

After agreeing to get a Christmas tree yesterday and putting it up, I stitched on Button Block #28 and completed it:

Button Block 28

Since this Button Quilt will have at least 100 blocks, I'll probably do a few more "fish under the sea" themed blocks.

My husband took a few days off so today we'll be doing some Christmas shopping. I expect to have some stitching time later to work on Button Block #29:

Button Block 29


Kim said...

I love the "under the sea" theme of block #28!!! The sequins are a really nice touch-- look just like waves.

I love the bright greens of block #29. Looking forward to future updates.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh and Aaaaah! Really lovely glitz. Love the seahorse and the sequins. I'm glad you mentioned there will be at least 100 blocks. I was hoping we weren't nearly finished, at 30 coming up. =)

Gina E. said...

Sigh...Pam, your work is such an inspiration to me, although I'll never be as creative as you! I love seahorses next best to Peacocks, and am longing to start a CQ block using them as a theme. I'm playing with fabric postcards and ATCs at the moment, as they are small and quick to do, but one day I hope to do some slightly larger blocks, and I'll be looking at your blocks to motivate me!

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