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Friday, April 25, 2008

Quick Update On My Father

The hospital is sending him home today. Not because he's ready but because Medicare will only pay for so much and the hospital refuses to take any loss. The state of healthcare in the US is a sad state! It's not about people and healing by any means. But it is what it is so we have to deal with it.

And I would like to say one more thing. I have absolutely no use for social workers! If I have any readers who work as social workers, I'm sorry but they are some the most rude and inconsiderate people I've ever met! A little compassion for both the patient and their families would go a long way!

I'll be going to bring him home later this morning. I have absolutely no idea how my mom and I are going to get him up the steps. I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there. At least I have a Towncar so that should be relatively easy for him to get in and out of. There's no way he would be able to get in and out of our truck.

Now that he'll be home, I expect to have some of my free time back. This has been an exhausting couple of weeks. I'm not one to be on the go all the time but I've had to help my mom out.

I guess that's all I have to say for today. I'm very tired and I'm really needing to stitch. I just haven't had the energy.


Anonymous said...

Pam, I'm sorry for all the worries with your dad. One of the PT's should have worked with him about using stairs. If they haven't yet, get a quick lesson before you leave. My dad has had a hip replaced and my granddad has broken both of his hips. Both of them received step instructions before leaving for home. I wish I were closer so I could give them to you myself. Prayers for your whole family.


Allison Ann Aller said...

Hang in there, Pam! I know this has to be tough....all I can think is, at least you still have parents! I wish I did.....

June said...

Dearest Pam,
I know what you mean about social workers. When Karl passed, I think I would have been better off without them.
Take care and know there are many of us thinking and praying for his recovery.

Judith said...

Hi Pam, I am sorry to hear of how your precious Dad has been treated. Thank goodness he is home and can be looked after by the people who love him. I hope you can get to some stitching too. I know how these episodes leave you exhausted, take care. Tell your dad, people from all over the world are thinking of him and hope he is back to his old self real soon.

patternnuts said...

You sound drained Pam. Do remember to take care of yourself too!

Anonymous said...

HI Pam. You sound real tired. Do try to get some rest. Maybe some stitching might do you some good. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your dad and the rest of your family.


Deepa said...

Hello Pam,
So sorry for the treatment meted out to your dad.United states may be a heaven with the high standard of living,but medical field is lacking in all aspects.
Hope your dad recovers soon.In case more medical help is needed,do come over to India.Our hospitals are one of the bests and no one will force you to leave.It would be affordable too

~Julie~ said...

Hi Pam. Thank you for the update on your dad. I'm so sorry that all of you had "issues" with the social worker(s). Kindness begets kindness, and I think a lot of people forget that. =(

Still praying steadfastly that your father will continue to heal, strengthen, improve, and smile. Praying for you also, Pam! Pleaseeee make sure you're eating and sleeping enough. We don't want to see *you* in the hospital next, okay? Take care!


Emily said...

Sorry your dad and your family have to suffer. :( I hope you can find some comfort in your stitching!

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