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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Comfort Cat Dolls

I stitched up this little one yesterday:

Comfort Cat

The fabrics on this one seemed so Summery to me! I decided to stitch it in Citrus colors.

Today, I'll stitch this one up:

Comfort Cat 2

This reminds me of ocean colors even though the closest I've come to seeing any significant body of water is only Lake Michigan! I may do this one as a seascape with some little fishy's.

After this cat, I'll go back to the button quilt for a bit. I'm also wanting a new purse! Which reminds me, I still have to show you my Spring purse! That one is done. I'll share that next week along with a quick tutorial on how to put it together with the handles.


Susan said...

Love the citrus look on your new cat. Sorry I've been MIA. Lots going on, not all of it fun. =)

I'm anticipating some lovely ocean stuff on that blue one!

Judy S. said...

Those are nice colors, and "summery" is definitely in order. I will be looking for your purse tutorial...thanks for doing it in advance!

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