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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Button Crazy Quilt Continues

I completed the stitching on this one yesterday while watching my Cubs game:

Button Block 14

The Cubs lost but this block is winner, isn't it? Don't you just love that giant button? It isn't old. It's a newer button but I like it. The borders are worked with 8.5 count Waste Canvas and #5 Perle Cotton.

I was asked if I did that piece of tatting at the top. No, that piece is vintage. I do tatting but prefer to use vintage pieces when I can.

This will be my next block:

Button Block 15

I have no idea yet, where this one is going to go. I thought about stitching it all in white. Then I thought it would be pretty worked in light greens. Time will tell I guess!


Kim said...

I love the colors in your block. The brown buttons combined with the green fabric and rust fibers make this look so "natural".

Thanks for sharing!


AmyS said...

All of your blocks are winners in my book! Thanks for answering my question about the tatting. I am now working on my very first crazy quilt block, and it's thanks to the inspiration I've gotten and continue to get from you here on your blog. Thank you for opening the door to a whole new world of stitching for me.

Possibilities, Etc. said...

I wish I still had the miles and miles of shuttle tatting my great grandmother made - at age 100, she was still tatting. I found in my grandmother's house a set of bed linens - probably Grandmother's trousseau - edged in exquisite tatted lace. (the wedding was in 1901)

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