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Friday, April 11, 2008

Button Block #18 Completed

This one was a bit chaotic for me. I was quite disappointed when I finished up the stitching and beading. The stitching just didn't show up very well:

Button Block 18

It was also a challenge to decide on what buttons to use. I didn't want to hide or distract from the floral pattern in the Brocade (the center fabric) but I wanted to be sure that the buttons were a focal point due to the stitching not showing up well.

I decided to go with a few really bold buttons and that seamed to do the trick for this block. None of them are vintage or antique. They're all new plastic buttons but they do work nicely.

I'm going to take a little break from the Button Quilt and do a cat doll for the Comfort Doll Project. Actually, I usually like to send Pat 2 at a time so that's most likely what I'll do. I still have a pile of these cats sewn up and ready to stitch on. I did a ton of them before Christmas. I chose this one for now because it looks kind of Summery. We've had a ton of cloudy, dreary, rainy days lately so this one seemed cheerful:

Comfort Cat

These stitch up in a few hours so I do expect to complete him today.


Anonymous said...

the olive stitching is gorgeous and is the perfect choice for the flower fabric, don't worry your fuzzy little head about it. i love it. this is beautiful.

Judy S. said...

Pam, I think you're overly critical on this's very nice! Your kitty should chase away anyone's blues. What a great project Pat has started!

Susan said...

Actually, I like the stitching on this block. I can see it just fine, and it also blends into the block - that's perfect from my POV.

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