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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Elegant Crazy Quilt Seam Treatments Volume 1

I'm now looking at a tentative release date of February 1st for my E-Book titled, "Elegant Crazy Quilt Seam Treatments" Volume 1. The book will feature 60 charted seam treatments (plus a few bonus designs) along with instructions on working with Waste Canvas for perfect seams, what thread sizes are suitable to the various Waste Canvas stitch counts and how to do calculations.

I'd really prefer to publish this a "real" book but at the moment, doing it electronically is the most cost effective way. Perhaps, if it does well, I'll eventually be able to re-publish it as a "real" book.

Umbrella Cellphone Pouch

Each of the seam treatments on this block are from the book. Basic stitches used in the designs are cross stitch, straight stitch, detached chain, french knot and satin stitch.

I will post updates periodically as the final stages take shape.


Judy S. said...

Very pretty and a neat idea to make a book! Did you notice how Ginger is guarding "your" threads?

Susan said...

Wow, I get bogged down for a few days and come back to find more exciting things going on! I'll be over here standing in line to get the e-book. =)

~V said...

oh purple is my favourite colour!!! Your pieces look so professional, if I tried that it would just be a big heap of mess!

Thelma said...

Looking forward to getting your ebook . Love looking at your work. Beautiful!

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