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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Comfort Kitty Dolls & New Autism Design

I finished the stitching on both the green & the pink Comfort Kitty Dolls yesterday:

Green Comfort Kitty

Pink Comfort Kitty

I should be able to sew these up over the weekend and get them ready to send to Pat.

I also wanted to let you know that I've added a new Autism Awareness design to my Etsy shop:

Autism Awareness

All proceeds will be donated to Our Children's Circle.


Gerry said...

These are really pretty. I remain fascinated with your needlework skills. It's more a gift than a talent.

Kim said...


Your comfort kitties are gorgeous. Can't wait to see them after you've done the finishing.

Thank you for adding this autism design to your Etsy Shop! It makes a great Teacher Appreciation gift.


Susan said...

I really like the way your comfort kitties worked out. I need to find some simple outline and just do it. I keep dithering because of the word "doll," I suspect. I'm just not into doll-making - it's scary! But your cats are not. Maybe I can find something similar that I will be able to do, fear-free. =)

Beth said...

Hello, I really like your needlework designs,
Im particularly interested in your autism design.

I am currently studying a degree in digital media design and for my current project i am creating an illustrated book about my 6yr old cousin who has autism. I would love to re-create your idea and use it in my book. My book is directed at children and explains autism in a positive way. And I would love to start the book with this idea, but re-created in one of my illustrations.
It would be very much appreciated. But I would like your permission before I go any further.


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