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Sunday, December 18, 2016

McHenry Illinois Crazy Quilt Block 2 - The Riverside

After finishing up Block 1 of my McHenry Crazy Quilt, I immediately started on Block 2.  The purpose of this quilt is partly because I love my little town of McHenry and it's history and, I thought it would help get my mind off of worrying about Scott and everything else.

So this is Block #2:

This block is titled, The Riverside.

The Riverside House sits on the corner of Rt 120 and Riverside Dr. which runs along the Fox River in McHenry.  Back in the day, Riverside Dr. was called Water St.  I have no idea when they changed the name.

In 1851, a hotel named The Fremont House was built at this location.  That burned down about 1859.  Five years later, in 1864, This beautiful hotel was built and still stands today.

Here's another historical photo of it:

Sadly, the beautiful double porch was removed in 1940 when Rt. 120 was widened.

And here it is today:

This block will get some more stitching on it.  I need to embroider the name and date on the block, add the little spider (all blocks will have a spider for good luck) and I think I'll stitch a little cat on this block.  I'll post another update when it's finished.

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