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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Quick Newsbrief

Good morning everyone!  I just wanted to update ya'll on a few things.

First, Scott's cancer treatment is winding down.  We have 1 month left of the treatments.  If I figured right, 3 more of the mild chemo and 4 more weeks of the radiation.

He's doing well and although his mouth is sore from the chemo, so far he hasn't had to use the feeding tube.  He's really looking forward to getting that thing taken out!  Don't blame him.

Once the treatments are the done, we just have to pay off the medical bills, get back on our feet and then the real healing can begin.

Thank you to everyone for your kindness, your prayers, your cards and your generosity!

In other news, if all goes well, we'll start on Panel 2 of the Never Ending Sampler Stitch-Along next week.  I've been very tired and stressed and I needed a break.

The Summer issue of Crazy Quilt Quarterly magazine is all done and ready to released on May 1st.
I've decided for the Autumn issue, rather than have a theme, to let that issue be whatever it's going to be.  I have some fun tutorials that I haven't been able to fit into any other issue so I'll include those.  If anyone would like to contribute projects, tutorials or eye candy photos, please email me

Did you know that I have a Facebook page for Crazy Quilt Quarterly magazine?  I also have one for my cross stitch designs.  Here are the links:

Crazy Quilt Quarterly Magazine on Facebook

Kitty And Me Designs Cross Stitch on Facebook

Please hop over and like both pages!!!

Speaking of cross stitch, I have been asked by Kreinik Manufacturing if I would do some new cross stitch designs for them which I have agreed to.  I always enjoyed working with them and with their gorgeous metallic threads.  I will be working on their designs next week.  Please hop over to their website.  Kreinik threads are perfect for any type of embroidery.  I love to cross stitch with it and it really adds some sparkle to crazy quilting!  Click on freebies if you're looking for a new project.  They offer quite a few of them and several are ones I did for them a few years back.

Finally for today, here's a free a little St. Patricks Day cross stitch pattern that you can use either as an ornament or on your crazy quilt projects:

Just right click on the image and save to your hard drive.  The open and print in any graphic software. 

Happy Stitching!


1 comment:

Renee said...

Pam, I am so glad Scott is doing well with the treatments and that they are drawing to a close. Sending you both prayers and hugs.

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