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Friday, December 09, 2016

May I Vent A Little Bit?

Please feel free to ignore my post if you want to.  I just need to vent a little.

As some of you know, my husband was recently diagnosed with cancer.  It's my understanding that it's 85% treatable and curable and that's absolutely what we want. Thank God for that!

I've spent the last 3 hours trying to find some sort of grant or financial assistance for cancer patients and there's a lot out there.  Unfortunately, we don't qualify for any of them.  At least not anything that I've found so far.

So many of you have helped us already and I feel awful constantly asking for donations.  Esp. when the economy has been tough for a long time and it's Christmas and everyone has their own problems to deal with and pay for.  I just can't believe there's no help for middle class couples.  This is so humiliating for me. 

Despite our insurance, the bills are unbelieveable.  I'm getting them now almost everyday.  Although Scott was able to work the last couple of days, he'll be off again for the next 10 - 14 days.   No work, no pay.  He started his 2nd round of chemo this morning.  And come January 1st, we have to start all over again with an outrageous deductible.  I'm still paying for a surgery that he had last December.  I was down to the last $1,500.00 when this cancer thing started.  I had hoped to pay that off by the end of the year but that won't happen now.

I'm working like a crazy lady republishing my cross stitch patterns, which I had intended to do anyway but I'm pushing myself now which isn't good.  My one fun thing is the Never Ending Sampler Stitch Along.  I've been watching the progress photos over on Facebook and it's so cool to see all the different color combinations....remember, there are no rules!  Not even for me!!

Well, I was wondering, instead of me asking again for donations, I was wondering if anyone out there would be willing to sponsor us?  Meaning, help to promote our Go Fund Me site by regularly posting it on your blogs, Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else you can think of.

I'm at my wits end.  I am so scared.  I cannot stand to be in debt.  I can't work enough to pay for all this.  Honestly, I don't understand how people who have worked all their lives, have always lived frugally and simply and have integrity, can end up in the position of having to beg for help when we live in the United States of America, pay taxes (like crazy), help our neighbors, help our parents, are kind to animals (how many have we rescued and cared for?)....I'm sorry, I just don't understand it.

My mom keeps telling me that I have to have faith.  Yes, I'm Catholic, I have faith but God didn't plant a money tree in my backyard and a person can only work so many hours a day.

Our only hope to just to keep our heads above water is our Go Fund Me site but I need help promoting it.  I don't have a lot of friends and I don't have a lot of family.  Just my parents and my cousin.

Well, I just thought maybe some of you would help me with the fund raising end of this, by just promoting it.  I am so grateful for all the help that we've already received.  And the prayers and then kindness.....and everything.

And thank you so much for letting me vent about this.  I try to keep my blog for my needlework and related projects but I'm at a loss now.  And I'll try to stop complaining, at least for awhile.  I just know that writing it all down, helps to get it out of the system.

I'll post the next band for the Never Ending Sampler Stitch Along next week sometime.  I know everyone needs to get caught up.  I think, I will take a break from working until next week.  Sometimes, a time out helps us to refocus.

Thank you again everyone.
Love to all!



Melanie said...

Pam, I have posted about your GFM page on my blog. Sending you both good thoughts as you go through this.

Pamela Kellogg said...

Oh Melanie, how sweet of you! Thank you so much!! Pam

Cathy Drolet said...

Pam, you need to post the link to your go fund me page on the 123 stitch board. Ask Joanne, to make sure she doesn't mind (I'm sure she wouldn't). There are lots of ladies there (and gents) who love your designs and I'm sure would be glad to help.

I don't have a blog or anything to post it to (only 6 family members on my FB).

I wish you two all the best.

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